AcroYoga Training Video: The Outside-In Roll

Turn your New Year INSIDE-OUT! This new AcroYoga Training Video should give you a nice challenge to work with a you glide into 2014.

Skills required:
–Inside Star
–Asymmetrical Monolimb Reverse Star (AMRS)
–Back Bird
–Good Spotting
–An appreciation for repetition

Daniel and Dani met at Burningman 2013. In seeing their share the same first 4 letters, they became fast friends and even faster Acro buddies. Dani, normally holding it down in Austin, came up to visit Daniel in the Bay Area for a long weekend. This flow bubbled up naturally.

AcroYoga is not a practice of perfection, but a vehicle for the perfection of practice.

Enjoy the ride!

Want to get better at AcroYoga? I can help get you there. Drop me a line and let’s JAM.
Music by SunShip, “Try Me Out”

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