VIDEO: What Is AcroYoga?

“AcroYoga is a mix of partner acrobatics, Thai massage, and yoga. Essentially, it builds a practice of the understanding of trust. Trust within the body, trust within the community, and trust in the fact that it’s a lot of fun to do these amazing things you never thought you’d be able to do.

In a typical class, students learn how to do it all. Basing, flying, and– most importantly– how to spot. By participating in all three roles, we truly learn how to embrace trust, connect with balance, and unleash our inner acrobat!

What you see here is acrobatic flying. There is a huge therapeutic component as well. Generally, most come for the flash, then end up staying for the substance.  It’s pretty great. One stands to learn a great deal when they turn their life upside down. You end up learning that it’s completely possible to run away and join the circus without ever having to leave home.”

Direction, video editing, motion graphics by Mikka Pineda.

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