AcroYoga Training Video: Midsummer Spin & Super Moon

Here is a new AcroYoga Training Video for you to enjoy! Written during a midsummer’s yoga retreat in Northern Sweden at Shambala Gatherings. Flown with Gabriella Bergbäck, one of the Stockohom AcroYoga Scene’s most influential teachers. Performed in the shadow of the ancient maypole, in front of a majestic teepee.

These flows require skill, patience, and true appreciation for transitions into and out of Reverse Star. Be sure to check my other video on Reverse Star to work on progressions to build towards mastering that fine pose.

You, too, can be an an astounding base and an impressive flyer. One of AcroYoga’s most colorfully creative and sought-after teachers worldwide, Daniel constantly refines the practice with skill, simplicity, and fun.

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Music:  Different Sleep – Be My Center

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  1. Casey

    September 20, 2013 at 6:37 am

    DUDE i LOVE THIS!! pretty people, pretty music, pretty acro= pretty amazing


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