AcroYoga Washing Machine Video: The L.A. Gear

The L.A. Gear is what’s really hot right now. An elegant blend of sideflying, mono-limb back work, hands-free balance, and a whole lot of patience, this exciting new washing machine will both challenge and amaze. AcroYoga is the Yoga of Trust, and the L.A. Gear is arguably one of it’s flagship transitions.

Without fail, upon opening up the floor for teaching requests in AcroYoga classes, at least one auspicious student will vehemently call out for the London Spin– a washing machine that is equal parts beautiful and terrifying. Flyers need extremely open chests and shoulders, as well as large amounts of blind trust to patiently fall into their partner’s feet. Bases need extremely open hips, flexible ankles, and extremely active spotting skills to ensure their partner’s safety…

…all of which is a very good thing, mind you. Consider the L.A. Gear an extremely satisfying middle step towards building all of the necessary skills to take you to higher-level washing machines and beyond. Most any intermediate-level acrobatic AcroYoga partnership should be able to hammer this fun lil’ number as both base and flyer, hands-free or not.

Flyer: Sami Dorman
Video Credit: Johnny D.

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